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Social Security and Veterans Disability Programs: Similarities and Differences

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Many veterans do not realize that it is possible to receive both Social Security disability benefits and VA disability benefits at the same time.  The Social Security Administration and Veteran’s Administration each offer two basic disability-based benefit programs.  If you are a veteran with medical conditions that prevent you from working, you may be eligible… Continue Reading

Getting Medical Treatment When You Don’t Have Health Insurance

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One of the most difficult challenges facing individuals seeking social security disability benefits, and a question we hear often, is: “How can I get medical treatment and prescription medications if I do not have health insurance?” In Social Security cases, claimants must prove that they have what is called a “severe medical impairment(s).”  This can… Continue Reading

Severe Impairments: Why Symptoms Alone Are Not Enough

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Back pain, widespread joint pain, fatigue, feeling sad, irritable or anxious are symptoms that many Mainers experience on a daily basis. These symptoms may be interfering with your daily activities, your relationships with your family and friends, and preventing you from focusing or making it to your job on a daily basis. Keep reading to… Continue Reading

MaineCare – Information on How to Apply

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MaineCare provides healthcare coverage for eligible individuals and families. There are two coverage categories:   – “Non-categorical” coverage: Provides partial MaineCare benefits to individuals and couples who meet certain income guidelines. Currently “non-categorical” coverage is frozen (not open to new applicants) but it is recommended that you still apply to get on the waiting list…. Continue Reading

Finding the Medical Treatment You Need: Free or Low Cost Resources in Maine

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A crucial part of qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income benefits is having a record of medical treatment. In order to determine if you are disabled, the Social Security Administration needs to see medical evidence from acceptable medical sources ( such as licensed physicians and psychologists, documenting your medical condition…. Continue Reading

Getting Ready to Apply for Disability Benefits

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While there are several different ways to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, online applications offer the most convenience. If you choose to apply for benefits using the Social Security Administration’s official online forms, you are able to start your disability claim immediately without the need to wait for a scheduled appointment. HOW TO APPLY… Continue Reading

Should I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

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The Social Security Administration uses a five-step process when deciding whether an individual’s medical condition will establish eligibility for disability benefits. At each of the five steps, if a claimant does not meet the specific requirements of that step, the claim for benefits may be denied.  The five questions asked by Social Security are:  … Continue Reading